Residential vs Commercial

Residential Properties



Rehabbing, Wholesales & Turn-Key Rentals 

Residential renovation projects can be shorter term lasting from 6 months to 12 months.  We usually focus on the "ugly house on the block" that's bringing down the value of the neighborhood and therefore, the value of the community.  Our main mission is to bring up the values of the neighborhoods and communities while at the same time, creating a home for a family that normally would not have bought the property in its original dilapidated state.  Also, we will focus on properties where the homeowner needs immediate assistance, for examples of some types of these situations, please go to our buy, sell or save a property page.  If you have further questions on residential real estate investing, contact us by clicking the button below.    

Commercial Properties


Passive Monthly Income & Distinguished Portfolio

Commercial properties can be more long-term projects and have a varying time range depending on the individual project.  The partnerships can also be arranged in a multitude of strategies which is a valuable knowledge for your legacy.  We centralize our mission in commercial investments to also increase the value of the neighborhood and community by providing homes for families and developing resources for the communities.  We like to aim for a 5% or more Cap Rate depending upon the city and state of each project.  You can find out more about Cap Rates and commercial real estate by clicking the button below.